URGENT: Schedule for WGF Annual Summit Conference and Gala, Saturday November 17, 2018; please send your PPTs; and invite for your associates and students
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We look forward to welcoming you later this week to the WHEELS Global Foundation (WGF) Annual Summit Conference and Gala. We are meeting at the renowned “Franklin Institute of Science and Technology” (Address: 222, N 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103) on Saturday November 17, 2018  from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm in the beautiful city of Philadelphia to focus and discuss on the important theme of “Leveraging Technology for Enhancing Social Impact”. This is followed by the Gala from 6:00 pm at the same venue. 

During the course of the day we will focus on “Rare and Orphan Diseases – Challenges in India and other Developing Countries: Building on the USA Experience” in the first session; on “Challenges and Best Practices for Scaling Up Philanthropy in Healthcare” in the second session; and on “Leveraging Technology to Address Challenges facing Women” in the third session. This will be followed by the Gala in the evening which will also be an occasion to honor some of the outstanding philanthropists. We expect participants and speakers from different strata of society, including technologists, doctors, social workers, media representatives, business, government, NGO’s, development banks such as the World Bank, philanthropists, academics and students.

As you are aware, the United Nations has proposed the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. I see a lot of synergy between the goals of WGF and the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. If we are able to leverage science, technology and innovation, this will definitely lead to enhanced and transformative social impact in a shorter time-frame. For this effort if the scientists, engineers and technologists get together with the doctors, the impact will be far greater. I feel that this conference will be a step towards this coming together of business, academia, technologists and doctors.

Please send your Presentation power point/PDF slides if any, for the Wheels Global Foundation Conference  by 5pm EST on Wednesday, Nov 14th 2018 to Dr Vikas Khurana (khuranav@gmail.com) with cc to mePlease let us know in advance if there are any specific AudioVisual requirements like video in your presentations. It will also be a pleasure to welcome some of your associates and guests to the conference and gala. We are happy to invite interested students to the conference only. Please send us the details of your associates, guests and a few interested students (upto 5) in advance. For registration, and for parking details, please contact San Sengupta (san.sengupta@wheelsglobal.org; Tel: 703-728-0649). There is some paid parking available at the venue.

We look forward to useful and interesting discussions and outcomes at the conference. I am sure this will also show us the path ahead so that we can plan for the future, including for the forthcoming meeting which we are planning in collaboration with WIN (Wheels India Niswarth Foundation) and with IIT Gandhinagar in India in spring next year around end March 2019.

The schedule for the November 17 meet is attached. I will appreciate your feedback and comments. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks again for your participation and we do look forward to your contribution to the discussions, and your presentation.

Best wishes and regards,

Pradeep Kapur

Chairman of the 2018 WHEELS Global Foundation (WGF-IIT) Summit Conference on “Leveraging Technology for Enhancing Social Impact”, November 17, 2018, Philadelphia, USA



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