Vedic General Astrology Predictions -October 2020. English – Spanish

The Astro analysis report of October 2020 has been based and concerning the moments of the moon. We advise consulting the report as per your Vedic Astro signs* Astro Report of Aries -October 2020

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General Astrology Predictions -October 2020

 The Astro analysis report of October 2020 has been based and concerning the moments of the moon. We advise consulting the report as per your Vedic Astro signs* Astro Report of Aries -October 202

The lord of the sign will be in the influence of Mars, so you will be depressed in your work & working efficiency will be reduced. You are advised to keep the focus on your work. Control your Senses & thoughts and Keep your complete attention at work. There is a possibility to improve your pending issues with help of your close friends. There will be a chance of fruitful expenses towards your children. 
Try to control your anger and excitement. It could spoil your dealings, Try to be practical and keep control of your emotions. Due to the eighth position of the Guru, The moment of Jupiter can affect your health and, can create stress and opinion differences among family. You may plan to travel but it may be a restless, non-fruitful journey &, same time you will not feel any satisfaction this change. You also may have an opinion difference in your marriage proposal & may it turn into a confusing stage. There is a possibility of miscarriage of the pregnancy, do consult your doctor in time.

Astro report Torus -October 2020

You will enjoy your family life, office atmosphere and will get a big helping hand from your brothers due to the position of Venus  You will feel a harmonic atmosphere this month. There may be effective the seasonal health problems & may need doctors consultancy. Seems expenditure will be more than your income therefor may a high possibility of financial complicacy. It seems that you have to borrow some money as a loan.

There may be a misunderstanding between business people & can lose some contracts. Children may create some unpleasant atmosphere in your working schedules There may be ideological differences that arise by end of the month among your family members and partners. We advise you to keep your behavior  & arrogance nature in control to avoid unpleasant situations and problems. 

Astro report of Gemini -October  2020

Joy, happiness, and, gifts are expected this month. This month is highly prospective for your new proposals .you may take some new initiative. You will find excitement in your romantic life There will be a need for more occupancy in your business. There is a good chance of income, you will find some more sources to gain money due to the position of Sun and Mercury. You may have worried about the career of your children and the health of your life partner. There will be a chance to involve in some religious events. 

Astro report -Cancer -October 2020

There may be an increase in stress in relationships and arguments with the mother and her family members. You may renovate your house, which was pending for a long time. There will a normal situation of income or monetary gain this month. The business will decline this month. This month is not advisable for any new venture. Try to control your new expenditures. The time is to meditate and control your intellectual mind to avoid more confusion. Try to avoid arguments and control your anger to protect from problems. Your hard work will not pay much in this month. There may be some health problems in children’s health.

Astro report – LEO-October 2020

You have worked very hard to earn money due to the moments of the Sun. There may be a sudden journey of a short journey but it would not be fruitful. It seems a partial success in your proposals and It will give a part gain this month. The auspicious spiritual event may organize in your family. It will give more clarity and vision to your proposal. Unnecessary expenditure will be increase. There is a strong possibility of dealings in  Automobile sale purchase. If you are planning your marriage then It is the right time for you, There is a possibility of getting married soon…There is a bright chance of getting or change in your job. The month will be normal in your health. 

Astro Report -VIRGO-October 2020

This a rectification month for you. You may Review and can maintain all of your stuck and pending works .there may be many openings are on the way to help you in earnings and progress. But profits will be less than your expectations. There will be stress feelings among your nearer. You have to face more struggles by end of the month. The anger may increase due to dissatisfaction in your work. You will lose your peace due to family matters. It may not be a favorable month for students, who are appearing in exams. You may put your hard efforts to begin your marriage issue, It is a prospective time for love birds to get married. There may be a feeling of lack of self-confidence there for you may not succeed in business or working deals .we advise you to hold strongly your self-confidence.

Astro report -Libra-October 2020

You will have a regular source of income and money gain despite many obstacles. Tou may have little mental stress due to extra unplanned expenditure. You will have more fame work & worthless visits and journeys. There may be an opinion difference between you and your parents. Try to be conscious while you travel. There may be a chance of injury or a little accident. An influential person may help you to get success in your work. There is a chance of opening with government sectors, You must try, in case you were planning in dealings with government sectors or some issues were pending. It is a chance to get a good job due to the placement of the Jupiter therefore start your efforts without further delay.

Astro report – Scorpio- October2020 

You will start to feel a favorable atmosphere around you. The pending issues will start to solve. You have to put your hard efforts towards these issues. You will get success due to your efforts  You may face obstacles and differences in family opinion in your long time plannings. Seems an unplanned expenditure but at the same time a good money flow this month. Do not invest on the advice of others. think twice before putting money in any investments. Plan every proposal carefully, There may be a chance of facing legal compliance. If you are planning on religious activity or child welfare then it is a good month for you. The projections & plan made by you in this month will be successful in results.

Astro report -Sagittarius-October 2020 

You will enjoy good health and physical happiness in this month. You will love to spend on your maintenance. You will feel more romantic and excited during this period. You may get a good amount of loan .there is a chance of foreign travel. There may be many obstacles in the execution

of work but you will be successful ultimately. There will be an increase in business and finance. You may have problems with migraine pain or headache. This month is not good for leaders or leadership issues due to the position of the Sun. There may be a delay in govt legal issues and govt jobs.


Astro Reports Capricorn-October 2020

This month will open many opportunities as well as financial gains. You may launch various schemes related to economics and finance. Due to the position of Jupiter in the house, it will give a high degree of prospects in these proposals. Due to the position of Saturn, Any unplanned expenditure will decrease profits in your existing projects or business. There is a strong chance of promotions in Jobs. You may feel physical pains in your body. Overall, this month will make you satisfy your efforts.

Astro report – Aquarius- October 2020 

The first half of the month will create a  mental disturbance in family issues and domestic complications. It may create nervousness in daily routine & health issues. It will become normal gradually. Advised to control your anger, ego, arguments, and behave.  There will be an improvement in some pending tasks and plans. A  spiritual event will be organized in the home and you have to spend a good amount to execute it. You will gain a good reputation and an opportunity to present yourself. There is a chance to invest in property issues. You will make some new projections but there may be a delay in its implementation. Students have to put more effort into success in results. There is a chance of expenditure more than income this month. This month is basically of anger, dissatisfaction, and family stress for you.

Astro reports Pisces -October 2020

Due to the position of Jupiter, you will create worry in your plans and its further execution. But you will get success, prosperity, and earnings. You will get enough returns from your work. There will not be any problems in survivals This month will be very energetic in every issue of occupancies, You may have some health issues at the end of the month.there may be a chance of stress between a good friend but try to keep quiet to protect your relations There may a chance of a spiritual journey Or a business tour shortly.There may be a chance of change in business locations.

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