The Latin American Journal of Trade Policy is an official publication of the Institute of International Studies of the University of Chile. Following an open access policy, the full version of the journal, and individual papers, will be available on-line free of charge.

The Latin American Journal of Trade Policy (LAJTP) focusses on trade policy issues in Latin America from a multidisciplinary perspective. A particular aim of the journal is reduce the gap between academia and policymakers. As such, the journal encourages paper submissions on topics related to trade policy formulation, implementation and evaluation; international trade agreements and their impact, including WTO issues and preferential trade agreements; Latin American regional integration processes; and, bilateral trade and investment relations both between Latin American countries and with overseas economies.

The journal is interested in publishing papers that draw policy relevant conclusions from academic research, that confront theoretical models with the Latin American experience and that use the specific regional experiences to develop new models. Particular consideration is given to empirical articles using quantitative, qualitative, or a mixed methods approach.

We encourage the submission of articles that:

contribute to existing knowledge of trade policy making in Latin America;

develop and advance pertinent theories to the region;

deal with the gap between academia and policy making;

utilize quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method approaches.

Additional information about the journal, including guidance for authors, is available on the Latin American Journal of Trade Policy website (

We hope you will consider submitting your research to the Latin American Journal of Trade Policy.


Editor-in Chief

Dr. Dorotea López G.

WTO Chair

Institute of International Studies

University of Chile


Felipe Muñoz

Institute of International Studies

University of Chile

Editorial Board

Dr. Valentina Delich, FLACSO Argentina

Dr. Manfred Elsig, World Trade Institute, Switzerland

Dr. Neil Foster-McGregor, UNU-MERIT – Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Dr. Michael Hahn, University of Bern, Switzerland

Dr. André Jordaan, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Dr. Alexandra Koval, Saint Petersburg State University, Russian Federation

Dr. Nanno Mulder, Latin American and the Caribbean Economic Commission (ECLAC)

Dr. Marcelo Olarreaga, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. Mustapha Sadni, World Trade Organization (WTO)

Dr. Alberto Van Klaveren, University of Chile

Dr. Vera Thorsten, Getulio Vargas Foundation

Dr. Bradley Condon, ITAM México



Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to


LAJTP publishes original articles in both Spanish and English.


When submitting an article to LAJTP, it is assumed that the article has not been, and will not be, submitted elsewhere simultaneously. The manuscript is your own original work.

The manuscript contains nothing that is defamatory, offensive, fraudulent, or illegal.


Text must be sent in Word and PDF format.

Article manuscripts must include an abstract of approximately 250 words and up to five keywords.

To guarantee anonymity of the peer-review evaluation process, self-citations shall be removed from the text.

All submissions must include a separate page with the author’s name, current affiliation and contact information (email address and phone number).

Graphs and figures must be sent separately in Excel or JPG format.

Word Limits

Articles should be as concise as possible and should not exceed 10,000 words, including notes and references.

Peer Review

The LAJTP is committed to peer-review integrity and upholding the highest standards of review. Once your paper has been assessed for suitability by the editor, it will then be peer reviewed by independent, anonymous expert referees.

Open access

The LAJTP is an open access journal, available online free of charge.

Text citations and reference lists

Authors should follow APA 6th citation system.

Basic citation norms

Books (one author):

Knoepfel, P. (2007). Public policy analysis. Bristol: The Policy Press.

Books (Institutional author):

UNCTAD. (2016). Trade, gender and development. Geneva: UNCTAD.

Books (two or more authors):

Fontana, M., Joekes, S. & Masika, R. (1998). Global trade expansion and liberalization: gender issues and impacts. Brighton: Institute of Development Studies

Journal article:

Bhagwati, J. (1984). Why are services cheaper in the poor countries? The Economic Journal, 279-286.

Book section:

Palma, G. (2003). Latin America during the second half of the twentieth century. In H. J. Chang (Ed.), Rethinking development economics. London: Anthem.

Publication Charges

There are no submission fees or page charges for this journal.



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